Anemone Reef

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At a glance:

•    Max depth:  26m/88ft
•    Level of difficulty: Open water upwards.
•    Visibility: 5/20m 16/66ft.
•    Current: Mild to strong.
•    Special features: lots of cracks and crevices to explore
•    Quick tip: be careful where you put your hands the anemones do have a sting and there are quite a few scorpion fish laying in wait.
•    Recommended season:  All year round

Anemone Reef is, a beautiful dive site and under the right conditions it will blow you away and is popular as a Day Trip or as part of a Southern Liveaboard from Phuket and Phi Phi Islands.

Anemone Reef was named because of the sheer amount of Anemone’s that cling to this dive site. The variety of colours is staggering with purples, greens and blue anemones and as the current lightly swells around the dive site it causes the anemones to sway gently like flowers in a summer breeze.

Beware though, not to touch them, as they do have a slight sting -as do most anemones.

The dive site is a small collection of large boulders, there will be a large buoy line attached making your descent and ascent onto the site simple enough.

You never know what creatures will feature on this site as almost anything can turn up and the macro life here is excellent. If you are a camera buff get ready for the large variety of Shrimps, there are Tiger Tail Seahorses here too, as well as Pipefish which are difficult to find -you just need to get your eye in.

Take your time around the reef, starting at the bottom and slowly spiralling your way to the surface. If the current is running here and it can get quite strong so you can always double back on yourself.

Just off the reef, you may find a sleeping Leopard Shark or two particularly if your boat is the first on the dive site. Barracudas and Trevallies will be there hunting the smaller fishes and at the right time of year, this can be very exhilarating. ​

Phuket Liveaboards - Dive Map Anemone Reef

Marine life here:


As well as the sighting of Leopard Sharks, it also possible to see; Bearded Scorpion Fish, hunting Mackerel, Tuna and Trevallies.

Great Barracuda, Pickhandle and Yellowtail Barracudas are seen here often, Squid, as well as Cuttlefish, Octopus, small Lobsters, a variety of sea slugs and Nudibranch as well as a variety of Moray eels all, live here.


This dive site is ideal for the Multi-Level course, Fish ID, and Compass Navigation Specialities.


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