Booking Policy


As an agent, Liveaboards Phuket will act on behalf of the dive operator the customer does not pay for our service all cost are covered by the operator at an agreed rate of commission.

All our guests will benefit from our independent suggestions and guidance everything we do cost you our guests nothing.

We are not restricted to anyone dive operator and are solely an independent operator. 

We have the best price policy whereby the all our guests receive the best possible price for all bookings. 



Guest Responsibility


It is the guest responsibility to find suitable transfers to and from the moorings of the vessels, though in many cases transport can be provided by the operator Liveaboards Phuket cannot be held responsible or accountable for the services of operators.

Guests are responsible to meet all relevant health and disability requirements of the operators, and to always seek medical advice when and where deemed necessary. 

It is the guest responsibility to notify us of any special requirements, or physical or mental illness or disabilities or any other conditions where special accommodations are required, such as and not limited, to wheelchair use.

Guests are responsible to provide all relevant diving documentation, such as and not limited, Log Books, Dive Certifications and to make sure they have the relevant training to undertake such trips.

Guest should also make sure they have all the correct insurance policies, while all good dive operators have their own insurance it is always a very good idea to get additional insurance as the operator's insurance may only be of a minimum check out DAN network or World Nomads for excellent dive coverage.

It is strongly recommended the guest has their own insurance to be protected in case dive accidents or other adventure travel related issues and risks.

The guest must respect the rules set out by the operator and understand that any rules not respected or broken the operator, captain dive leader has the right to refuse entry to the vessel or and all diving activities resulting in loss of funds.

It is the guest's responsibility to meet all passport and visa requirements, all health requirements must be met, by each country visited.


Please check here if you need a visa for Thailand

It is recommended to check government websites on travel-related prohibitions, warning and any other advisory comments set out prior to travelling.


Check all relevant vaccination requirements with a doctor before travel is also the responsibility of the guest we are not in a position to offer medical advice.

If the guest is late for the departure or delayed in transit for the scheduled time of departure the guest is responsible for all cost involved to catch up to the boat, where possible, Liveaboards Phuket strongly advises leaving a least one day free before departure and one extra free day when leaving.

All pick up times are based on our experience or the experience of the operator and will include a margin for delays, such as not limited to, traffic jams, accidents, mechanical issues, airport immigration and security problems, congestion.

In the event of delays, Liveaboards Phuket or subsidiaries shall not be held responsible, while assistance will be granted getting the guest to the vessel no responsibility is taken and will be liable for additional expenses.



Liveaboards Phuket acts solely as intermediary agent and charges any fees directly to the operator. Any such agreements between the guest and operator are private and Liveaboards Phuket is not a party to any such agreement.

All reservations are made online through our own website of and are subject to availability at the time of booking. 
We are responsible for the booking made by us and are not responsible for the product supplied by the operator.

As mention in privacy policy in certain cases, additional information is required by us to share with operators, such as and not limited to passport information, flight details, and health medical forms particularly where when cross-border routes are used.

Therefore we do hold the right to cancel the request according to the applicable booking request information is held back.

We will always do all we can to assists our guest from the moment of booking to the end of the trip, however, we are in no way responsible for these services provided by others or ourselves.

We will do our utmost best in assisting our guests who become, in the unlikely event, stranded in bad situations, although we have no responsibility in these situations for such services.

When the guest expresses full intention to purchase products, Liveaboards Phuket will confirm availability where possible and invoice and send further instructions regarding payment and trip instructions.

All bookings are confirmed when deposit payment has been received by us according to the invoice details, then a confirmation email will be sent out to our guests.

Once payment has been sent the guest is in full agreement with all terms and conditions of the booking and full understanding of all other policies set out by Liveaboards Phuket.

It is the guest responsibility to check all details of the booking including, not limited to, all dates are correct prices charged, and all other relevant details.
Any errors in the booking must be made known as soon as possible so we can correct them.



Liveaboards Phuket acts solely as an agent and are not and cannot be held responsible for the quality of the service offered by the operator or their staff.


We will do our best to make sure that there are no issues and will channel any complaints directly to the operator. That said we use/offer only the best operators on who are well known for their customer care and service and take pride in everything they do both aboard and on land.

Any serious cases that have to be settled in court will be subject to the law of the land that the incident takes places and will be between the operator and the guest.

We will advise and help file any complaints to the relevant parties this must be done as soon as possible after the incident with a proven record of all incidents and details of what occurred.

Any complaints a regarding Liveaboards Phuket services can be made directly to us and we will do our utmost to solve all issues quickly and with minimum fuss.


Liveaboards Phuket serves as an agent linking the guest to the operator and cannot be held in any way responsible for any failings by either party. 

The guest can and must agree to never hold Liveaboards Phuket responsible for any unforeseen issues relating to the trip. Additional waivers will need to be read and signed on the boat or diving can be refused.

Liveaboards Phuket cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information read on any other websites regarding the trip.

Liveaboards Phuket cannot be held in the highly unlikely event liable for any personal injuries, luggage or equipment or any property damage or wrongful death that may occur during these or any other activities, although very slight when practised properly scuba diving does have its risks and all precautions must be taken.

We cannot be held liable for any changes to the booking by the operator such as and not limited to, room changes, dive boat itinerary or change of vessel. We will, however, minimise any such issues and will deal with to the best of our powers any such incidents.


All information written on these Web Pages is original material and copyright is owned and written by us at Liveaboards Phuket any copying of material will be met with the full force of the law.

All information is accurate at the time of writing any inaccuracies will be rectified immediately. All prices are correct at time of writing and all policies are correct.

Liveaboards Phuket holds the right to change the policies at any time with amendments.

We will strive at all time to make sure that your scuba diving trip is a wonderful experience and we will answer all questions in a timely manner. 

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