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Bungalow Bay 


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At a glance:

•    Max depth: twenty metres
•    Level of difficulty: beginners and up
•    Visibility: 10 Metres 25
•    Current: weak
•    Special features: Large Blocks to help introduce more Coral
•    Quick tip: Use Surface Marker Buoy on the safety stop

Racha Yai has a couple of dive sites on the west coast of the island Bungalow Bay and Siam Bay, both of these sites are excellent for entry level divers and those who are taking a course.

These bays are perfect for students many people where they come to learn to dive here and are a very popular place for the Scuba Diver Course, Open Water and the Discover Scuba Diver program as there are several sandy areas where to do the dive skills, such as mask clearing and regulator recovery.

There are two dive sites in Bungalow Bay - North Bungalow Bay and South Bungalow Bay. These sites are generally dived in the quieter season mainly due to weather conditions.

The Northern side of the bay is a gentle reef that drops down to about twenty-five metres on the outer fringes of the bay. There is Staghorn coral here with a few soft corals attached the large boulders of granite that are scattered throughout the site.

The Southern side has comparable scenery, the bottom tends to be a little shallower here and flatter. The currents are usually mild to nonexistent, that said the closer you get to the edge of the bay the current can become stronger.


A word of warning there is a lot of boat traffic using this bay particular in the months between May and October; your instructor will brief you all about this, mainly due to the small resort and excellent snorkelling in the area.

Local government forces have in the past few years dropped some very large concrete cubes onto the bottom in the hope of encouraging coral growth as well as fish life. These cubes are also excellent for practising your -buoyancy diving through them.


Other sites on Racha Yai:

There are some little gems here to look out for like Blue Spotted Stingrays there is a large group of Yellow Tailed Barracudas that are very inquisitive and like to surround divers.

Look closely at the rocks for Lionfish, Raggy and Bearded Scorpion so be careful where you put your hands.

There is a resident Hawksbill Turtle who has lived here for years and loves nothing better than rummaging through the corals for food.
Titan Triggerfish thrive here also; also the Picasso Triggerfish and little Red Tooth Triggers, Octopus maybe hiding inside the cracks of the concrete construction.

Out deeper on the sand is the bizarre Garden Eels, Bend Stick Pipefish. Other fishes here; Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, Giant Morays, Trigger Fish, Puffer Fish, Anemonefish, Lion Fish, Scorpion Fish, Parrot Fish, Trumpet Fish, Turtles, Nudibranch.

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