Clown Triggerfish - Koh Similans Liveaboards Phuket
Clown Triggerfish - Liveaboards Phuket Thailand

Deep Six

Deep Six – Island 7


At a glance

•    Max depth: Sixty Metres
•    Level of difficulty: Advanced Open Water
•    Visibility: Ten / Forty metres
•    Current: Moderate to Ripping
•    Season: October / May


Deep Six is a world class dive site, there I said it. This site will give you the WoW factor, its open, its wild, and anything can turn up here.

The name deep six is an old nautical term for something that has gone overboard (six fathoms or deeper) and unlikely to be retrieved... next stop, Davy Jones Locker… ha ha ha I jest of course.

Deep Six is not for the inexperienced diver, this is why the Liveaboards and Day Trip Boats that dive here only let qualified divers in. 

This dive site was battered during the Tsunami of 2004 yet has recovered over years since and now is back to its best. The huge granite boulders were actually moved about during the massive waves that crashed into the Similans during the disaster.

The visibility here is usually very good and you can see the bottom which drops to over sixty metres. The site itself is on the edge of island seven and at certain times of the month is subject to the strong currents.


Other sites in the area 
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Anita's Reef

Dropping in here it is best to stay close to the boulders, otherwise, if there is a strong current you could get blown off the site into midwater and then face a real swim back.


Taking a free descent down to about eighteen metres you will come across a large rock, which does actually break the surface so you can follow it down.

At this depth you can find smaller rocks that have formed some fine little swim-throughs; making sure here not to bang heads or damage equipment, you may find a couple of large groupers in the small caverns. There are some large Gorgonian Sea fans guarded by some Oriental Sweetlips and Surgeon Fish like it here too.

This is a good site for Tec Rec Divers and those doing the 
Advance Course
Adventure Course
Speciality courses

Heading North West on Deep Six for a few more metres there is another swim-Through at twenty metres. This one is slightly smaller but inside is full of life; again careful not to hurt yourself as there willbe swell here, so timing is everything.


Instead when you exit the larger swim thru you can head North East a while and there is another swim through at around 24 metres. This again is quite small so, being aware of your buoyancy control is crucial.


It is a good place to search for Nudibranch and I found a Frogfish here too.

Deep Six is very dramatic and you will notice this after the swim-throughs as it drops right off down to in excess of sixty metres. Unless you have the necessary Specialty Training and equipment it is recommended not to venture out this deep.


That said you can look directly down onto the sloping site and there you can see the Whitetip Reef Sharks patrolling the depths… it is fantastic. I have spotted an Eagle Ray and Mantas have been known to give divers a fly-by.


There are many beautiful boulders and coral formations to explore between twenty and thirty metres.


Other critters you can see here on a more regular basis are Blue-ringed and Emperor Angel Fish, many different kinds of Butterflyfish, Box Fish, Anemone Fish (Nemo), Trumpet Fish, varieties of Sweetlips, Surgeon Fish, Puffer Fish, Trigger Fish, Anemone Fish, Lion Fish, Scorpion Fish, Banner Fish, Moorish Idols, Wrasse and even the elusive and my personal favorite the Clown Trigger Fish.

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