Hin Deang

Hin Deang  - South Andaman Sea


Dive Tips
•    Max depth: 65 metres
•    Level of difficulty: Open water upwards.  
•    Visibility: 10/30 meters
•    Current: Moderate to strong
•    Season: October through June

This magnificent dive site has 3 small pinnacles that break the surface by a few metres and drops off to around 65 metres at the deepest part. 

If you are visiting Hin Muang and Hin Deang, you would normally dive Hin Muang first as this site is the trickier and a little deeper site, or so it would seem. Yet they bottom out about at around 65/70 metres and on the seabed, they are actually linked.

These two dive sites are in the Southern Andaman some distance from the Similans they are extremely popular with Liveaboards from Phuket and day trip boats from Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe and of course, Phi Phi Islands here is also great for Dive Education Courses such as:

Excellent Dive site for Courses:
•    Advanced
•    Adventure Diver
•    other specialities


Located approximately 300 metres to the East of Hin Muang, just poking its nose from the surface of the water you will find Hin Deang.

The currents here at certain times of the month can be quite strong, from nothing to very quick. When the current is strong you may only be able to see half of the dive site.

Beginning the dive around Hin Deang is best, and If there is no current, to start the dive at the South East corner, this is the deepest part and the wall drops off to 40+ metres.

As you continue the dive looking down onto the sand you can spot the odd leopard Shark sleeping, White Tip and Grey Reefs Sharks have been known to lurk around here too.


As you progress along the site in a North Easterly direction (dive site on your right-hand side) you will come to a channel which is roughly at depth of  24 metres. Look out for the rare Spearing Mantis Shrimp in this area.

In the midwater you can expect to see large schools of Rainbow Runners, Barracudas, Trevallies, Snappers and Fusiliers and many other reef fish in fact here is a list not exhausted:

Giant Morays, Puffer Fish, Porcupinefish, Trigger Fish, Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, Box Fish, Surgeon Fish, Unicorn Fish, Turtles, Trumpet Fish, Wrasse, Groupers, Parrotfish, Sweetlips, Hawkfish, Octopus, Sea Snakes, Lion Fish, Scorpion Fish, Soldier Fish, Anemone Fish, Blennies, Nudibranch.

This dive site is covered in soft corals and home to some massive Gorgonian Sea fans. I recommend having a look around these fans as you can find a Long-Nosed Hawkfish and even an Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish. Sightings of Harlequin Shrimps have also been reported at Hin Deang -I have seen them here eating starfish leg.

Much like Hin Muang this dive site is one of the best in Thailand and an excellent place to spot Whalesharks and Manta Rays.

Sightings of at least 3 or 4 Manta's at the same time are regularly reported, my personal record for manta sightings here is thirteen – we got lucky, it was an amazing show of nature.

There are some excellent dive sites in Thailand, and for large pelagics and sheer variety of fish life, Hin Deang is in the top five. It is possible to dive these sites as part of a Liveaboard Safari which also incorporates the Similans and Richelieu rock these trips usually take six days to complete.

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