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Max depth: 24 metres
Level of difficulty: Suitable for all
Visibility: ten to 25 metres
Current: weak  to strong sometimes good drift
Special features: Large boulders and small speedboat wreck
Quick tip: Watch where you put your hands on the wreck

The current, it usually runs south to north and sometimes can be a little strong, which can make for a great drift dive.



Homerun Reef is a great dive to end your diving day on, it is the first or last site on the island as its situated on the northern point of the of Racha Yai. It is ideal for all divers whether on a course or experienced divers alike there is a little something for everyone.

There are some wrecks sprinkled around Racha Yai, and Homerun has the smallest Wreck you will find in the area – it is an old speedboat. 
Yet is full of life its fantastic for the macro stuff like shrimps to enjoy watching the Durban dancing Shrimp, Box Cleaner Shrimp, also look closely for the Jens Cleaner Pipefish. It really is a surprisingly good dive site.

There are usually large schools of Snappers and Fusiliers out here. Hiding in the wreck you can expect to see a Giant Moray and many Shrimps. Out in the sand, you can see Thorny Boxfish, Garden Eels, Blue-spotted Stingrays and Blennies and Gobies.

Other Diving sites on Racha Yai

There is a variety species of fishes here to find.  As you enter the water you will see some very large boulders leading into the shallows, this is a good place to descend and using the rocks as a reference is always a good idea.


You can find Titan Trigger Fish, Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, Puffer Fish, Trumpet Fish, Parrot Fish, Wrasse, Anemone Fish, Moray Eels, Lion Fish, Scorpion Fish, Sea Snakes, Sweetlips, Nudibranch.

There is also a crack team of Garden Eels that live here too.

This a great dive site ideal for divers from any level of experience


This site is great for the Advance Course and is also great for the Discover Scuba Dive program


The current, it usually runs south to north and sometimes can be a little strong, which can make for a great drift dive. If there is little drift then head out towards the little Speedboat wreck will make the dive a little bit more special.


As you approach the wreck you can rest your fins on the sand, making sure first there is nothing that may get damaged this will make you a little more stable while searching the small critters out. 

Get closer and you may be able to find Jens Cleaner Pipefish, first though you should find the Durban dancing Shrimp and Cleaner Box Shrimp, which will give you a manicure if you gently put your hand to them.

I have occasionally seen Flatheads and Snake Eels buried up to their necks, which are extremely difficult to spot even with a keen eye.

All in all it’s a great dive Homerun with lots of macro stuff you can have a real rummage around without worrying too much about damaging the coral life.

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