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Koh Haa

Koh Haa 

Dive Tips
•    Max depth: 70 meters
•    Level of difficulty: Advanced open water upwards.  
•    Visibility: 10/40 meters
•    Current: Moderate to strong
•    Season: October through June

Koh Haa has quite several amazing and diverse dive sites great and the viz is almost a sure thing and as for currents well there is hardly any especially if diving inside the lagoon.


With so many places to explore Koh Haa is a truly wonderful experience and is a popular place visited by the dive boats of Phi Phi and Koh Lanta as well as the with the Liveaboards from Phuket, and it is a great place for certain Dive Education Courses such as:


Advanced Course
Speciality Course

Koh Haa is known for its visibility and cavern diving, remember the caverns are not caves, they are safe to go inside as you can see your entrance and exit all the time. There is a lot of light penetration, however, there are some dark corners to some dark caves which are best left alone.

Cave diving requires special training and under no circumstances should anyone enter a cave unless properly trained.

The Chimney at Koh Haa is a popular dive site here with many instructors starting the dive trip on this site as there is just so much to see here.

The Chimney

Itself is a large hollow rock formation starting at five metres from the surface you can also enter the chimney from 18 metres below there is also another hatch at 8 metres room enough for one diver at a time.

As you make your way through the chimney get ready for the onslaught of small fish that will surely surround you, take your time as you ascend remember no quicker than 18 metres a minute.

The Cathedral 
You can make a free descent towards The Cathedral on the southern side of the island as there is no mooring (at time of writing).

15 metres is enough depth at this point now head north towards the main part of the island, you will find a small swim through which is at 15 metres at this point the bottom flattens out, revealing a sandy area little with small boulders, great here to look for macro stuff like Nudibranch and Cowries.

You should then come up to the cave entrance at 14 metres. DO NOT ENTER THIS CAVE unless you have the correct equipment and qualifications to do so!

Continuing further east for 20 metres and there is a 2ndcavern. The entrance also is around 15metres deep almost stretching to the surface.

There are actually 2 entrances split by a vertical rock plate. The cave is very spacious and the cavern is about 2 or 3 metres above sea level, reaching a peak of more than 20 metres. A torch is NOT required.


Koh Jayrock
For me, this is a wonderful site one which I only recently dived it is beautiful the viz is always great and if the sun is shining the whole place lights up in a blue hue, stunning.

There is a large school of Blue Fin Trevallies hunting and the poor old glassfish take the brunt of the marauding.

The island is best kept on your right-hand side and you can easily see the bottom as it gently slopes off into the blue.

As you make your way along the ref keep your eyes open for the giant moray eels that live here, I have seen Barracudas here too as well, as coral banded sea snakes which patrol these waters.

You can easily dive here for an hour air permitting and you will rarely see any other divers

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