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At a glance:

•    Max depth: twenty-four metres
•    Level of difficulty: Great for everybody
•    Visibility: ten to twenty metres
•    Current: weak sometimes good drift
•    Special features: Marvelous fish life
•    Quick tip: the Titan Triggerfish can be aggressive here

This dive site is ideal for macro hunters

There are several bays on Racha Yai and at bay number three you will find the little dived Lucy’s reef it’s a fantastic little dive and almost anything can turn up and invariably does.

Over the years I have seen a Whaleshark a Manta Ray here as well as the usual suspects such as Trevallies, Rainbow Runners and Mackerels also patrol these reefs hunting the smaller unremittingly and without pity, they seem to work together.

This dve site can get quite deep and is ideal for the Rescue, Divemaster and Advanced Courses.

They lay sorties into the rocks isolating the smaller fish and singling out the individuals that may have become weak.

 As you descend on this site there are boulders and large enough for divers to have a good old poke around about, you easily find, its great place for Morays eels such as the Fimbriated, Yellow-edged and Giant Morays.

It’s also a popular hangout for Coral banded Sea Snakes as they love nothing more than poking around in the crevices for a bite to eat. There is also a Turtle here, been here for years, and lives mainly on the soft corals that grow here.

At certain tome s of the year you will encounter nesting triggerfish, be careful these large fish can cause some damage. I so speak from experience as I have had a few running battles.

Other Diving sites on Racha Yai

Best just to keep your eyes peeled for them in the distance and if you spot them on the bottom give them a wide berth do not go over the top of them simply go around you’ll be fine –failing that hide behind your dive guide.

 I have a special fondness for this particular site as it’s where I saw my first Ribbon Eel. These little eels are absolutely fascinating I could watch them for hours.

Ribbon Eels are can be found from the Indian Ocean and as far afield as the Pacific and Pacific regions and this elegant creature have magnificent markings which change as the eel ages. 

The ribbon eel can live for twenty years or more. They grow to over a metre in length and all of them start life as a male and are coloured black and have a yellow dorsal fin.

Now as they age the males then turn blue with yellow marking around its mouth and fins. Once it has reached a certain size it will then turn yellow and develop a female reproductive system and can lay eggs.

They are the only species of moray known to us that can do this -fascinating.

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