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Maritas Reef 

Marita's reef - Liveaboards Phuket


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At a Glance:


  • Max depth: twenty-five though it does drop off further out meters

  • Level of difficulty: beginners in the bay

  • Visibility: ten to thirty meters

  • Current: Mild to strong

  • Season: October through June

There are large boulders and as the currents fly past it can get quite challenging in this area. 

Beginning the dive in the bay, among hard coral formations you can find the fascinating Peacock Mantis Shrimps. They are a large predator of the shrimp family and love nothing more than to scurry along the bottom in search of food. 

They are excellent housekeepers and can be seen arranging their tunnels by excavating and moving debris out of their home.

I have seen quite a few cuttlefish in this area too, as well as Octopus which can be difficult to find due to their remarkable ability to conceal themselves, they change not only their skin colour but the skin texture too. 

Octopi are mesmerizing and one can spend half the dive being captivated by these amazing creatures.

Racha Noi is a stop off point for the Liveaboards from Phuket, as it’s on the way out to the Hin Deang and Hin Muang Dive sites of the southern Andaman Sea, also Koh Haa island group is only a few hours sail away.


Marita’s Reef is perfect for beginners particularly in the bay where the current is very mild. It is ideal for: 

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There is a small old wooden wreck here which has been sunk for quite a few years now and has attracted some serious marine life of its own. Just here though the currents can pick up and can whip you along the island, so it’s best to be a little cautious at certain times of the month.


The other dive spots on the island are:



If you are a more experienced diver and your group does exit the bay you will surely notice just how quickly the bottom drops away.
There are large boulders and as the currents fly past it can get quite challenging. 

Racha Noi is known for its strong currents that run from north to south and down both sides of the island and meet at the southern point of the island on the famous dive site called South Tip.

Down at around twenty-three metres, you can find a large boulder pinnacle, it has some great swim through’s which have been formed by the large boulders, moving over the years have gradually caused this dramatic effect.

Look out to the sand for Blue Spotted Stingrays, Puffer Fish, and Gobies. There is also some very large Pufferfish, Speckled Fusiliers, Giant Moray Eels and a catalogue of Nudibranch and Flatworms for the camera. 

Good idea to keep one eye in the blue you never know who or what might be passing, as this is a route that large pelagic fish use to head south such as the Whaleshark and Manta Rays.

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