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At a glance:

•    Max depth: 35 metres
•    Level of difficulty: Advanced
•    Visibility: 10 metres
•    Current: Weak to moderate
•    Special features: Glorious fish life
•    Quick tip: Ideal for wreck courses


Marla’s was discovered in a Phuket boat breakers yard. It was an old vessel which had seen better days, in fact, the old vessel has very shady past - it had been confiscated from smugglers.

A dive shop owner from Phuket found the old vessel in a breakers yard and thought it would make great wreck dive: so he bought it.

Upon agreeing on a fee for the boat he then arranged to get it fixed up enough to make the journey out to Racha Yai. After paying the yards fees and a getting it hauled out of the breakers the old boat needed a little patchwork to make sure when it was being towed out to Racha it did not sink.

Getting the old wreck out to the dive site was a testament to the skills of the shipyard workers that patched her up for one last voyage.

Now Marla’s Mystery lays off the East coast of Racha Yai, in-between the dive sites of Homerun and Staghorn Reef way down at thirty meters. 

Marla’s is ideal for wreck Specialty and can also be dived as part of the Advanced Course. Marla’s Mystery is quite deep so this dive is for experienced divers. 

It is also a great training ground for the PADI Tec Rec Diver Courses


Other Diving sites on Racha Yai

Marla’s Mystery is now an artificial reef and attracts huge numbers of fish as it acts as a nursery for juvenile fish which in turn attracts predators. You can find many different species of Scorpion Fish, large Groupers and Barracudas here.


The wreck is quite open and it is possible to swim inside, taking care not to touch the vessel is always a good idea.

There has been some coral growth too with both hard and soft corals growing on the superstructure although sometimes it can be hard to see because of the schools of baitfish around her bow.

There is another smaller wreck on Racha Yai, just across the bay at the start of Homerun it is an old speedboat wreck and has been down there for years, it too is a great dive. There is Lots of macro life on it this dive site and can be dived on the same day as Marla’s Mystery.

When you dive here you will notice what looks like old bathtubs scattered about the bottom and you would be correct as these old bathtubs were used as part of Marla’s first-year anniversary party of its sinking, the baths were used as part of a surface to the bottom race.

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