Nitrox Diver Course

PADI Nitrox Diver Course Phuket

Nitrox Course

The Nitrox Course is the ultimate Liveaboard course, in fact, many dive operations offer a heavily discounted course onboard their boats.

7,900 THB.-

Nitrox Diver Course Thailand

Nitrox Course

Three Dive Package


The course itself only takes a day, there is, like many PADI courses a short video to watch. Your instructor will then explain and elaborate in further detail and at the end of the day, you will be required to take a final exam.

It is possible to complete the course without even getting wet, as no dives are needed for its completion.


If this dry course interests you please contact us fopr further details


Many Liveaboard companies offer free Nitrox to divers some have a small surcharge per tank, no matter what, Nitrox is the Gas Blend for multiple diving days.

There are many exhilarating places to try the Nitrox Course such as Racha Yai & Racha Noi the Phi Phi Islands and the Similans this course is perfect for a Day Trip and also possible as part of a Liveaboard experience.

Nitrox is an air fill that has been blended a little different; the blender adds more Oxygen (O2) to the cylinder than the normal scuba air cylinders -which are filled at 21 percent oxygen as you know. 

Nitrox is mixed with more oxygen the popular blends are around 28 % 30% and 32 % must be done by a trained Nitrox gas blender.
In a nutshell, Nitrox has a reduced quantity of nitrogen (N2) that our bodies will absorb when we are diving.

Using Nitrox, therefore, reduces the amount of nitrogen the diver breathes on dives thus reducing the risk of Decompression Sickness (bends).

That said, it does not mean you can dive deeper quite the opposite, in fact, it restricts us to shallower depths, don’t worry, not by too much, particularly on low percentage blends and it does significantly increase our time at a certain depth.

The maximum depth allowed when using this gas mix is around 40 metres, so the limits are not as restrictive as some may think.


What You Learn
•    Techniques for getting more dive time by using enriched air 
•    Enriched air scuba diving equipment understanding
•    Managing oxygen exposure, how to tell what mix you will be using and how to set your dive computer



The Scuba Gear You Use
You’ll use all the basic scuba gear including:

•    Mask
•    Snorkel and Fins
•    Buoyancy Compensating Jacket (BCD)
•    A Regulator
•    Depth and Air Gauges
•    Wetsuit
•    Weight system
•    O2 Analyser



To take this course, you must be: 12 years old with Open Water Diver Certification



Your Next Adventure

You must be an open water diver to able to enroll in this course, so after successful completion of the course, you may join a Liveaboard boat for some great diving.




The Price

The price includes all transfers to and from the boat from your specified hotel or accommodations. This course does not always involve diving so the price may vary depending upon course schedule.


Most transfers are all-inclusive, however some areas, due to their location, have a surcharge.


There will be a light Breakfast served on the boat upon arrival as well as lunch, which will be served in-between dives. All drinks like water, coffee & tea and Milo are all-inclusive on the boat.


The price for the course, manual, certification fee, Instructor, boat trip, equipment rental, tanks and weights are also covered in the package.

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