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North Point - Racha Noi

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At a glance :


  • Max depth: Seventy meters

  • Level of difficulty:  Open Water upwards.  

  • Visibility: Ten / Forty metres

  • Current: Moderate to strong

  • Season: October through June


Remember to keep your eyes open for the big boys as they swim by.


The northern point of Racha Yai has some wonderful diving opportunities. Lying ahead of a large underwater pinnacle there is a chance to catch a glimpse of pelagic marine life like Reef Sharks and Marbled Stingrays.

Several of the top Liveaboards stop here, sometimes overnight, before heading on in the morning down to the spectacular Hin Deang and Hin Muang sites of the southern Andaman Sea - other great diving spots on these Liveaboard trips is the island group of Koh Haa.


Racha Noi is also well-liked by Technical Divers doing TEC Courses and these guys like deep waters and there are no deeper waters around Phuket than around Racha Noi.

You can also complete your  
Open Water
Advanced Course
Specialty Course


The reef on North point begins shallow enough then dramatically drops down to forty metres plus -it is effortless to find sixty or seventy metres here so please watch your depth-  it is a favourite for technical divers.


Other sites on Racha Noi


I was once involved in a tug of war match with a large Red Octopus on this site. I was happy yet lazily ambling along when I saw this fellow out and about. I, of course, went to see how he was and offered him my alternate air source (octopus) to see what he would do. 

Immediately he (the octopus) thought it would be hilarious to try to drag my alternate air source down into his lair and me along with it. I tried to put a halt to the proceedings by mumbling through my regulator that my fins and cylinder would not fit in through his front door, and made a hasty retreat. 


The octopus, not impressed by my unwillingness to come inside his den turned an annoyed shade of crimson, flicked a tentacle at me and disappeared in a cloud of ink.

Marine life here is frantic with Trevallies hunting in the currents, bombing into the well placed and easily battered glassfish, poor suckers, they really should find another place to hide. 

Lurking out in the distant are Giant Barracudas. Watch out for the Titan Triggerfish here they just love divers. Again remember to keep your eyes peeled for the big boys as they swim by. 

All in all Racha Noi is an incredible dive area and the snorkelling is just as good, so if you have time and want to get out to the far-flung outposts of Phuket, then I recommend a trip to Racha Noi it is untouched, rough-edged, dramatic and a pure natural beauty.

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