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Phi Phi Shark Point

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  • Max depth: 18 meters

  • Level of difficulty: Open water upwards.

  • Visibility: 15 Meters

  • Current: none too strong

  • Recommended Season: All year round is possible

  • Highly recommended


Phi Phi Shark Point or Hin Bida as its known locally is a little dived dive site south-east of Phi Phi island the nearest other dive sites are Bida Nok and Bida Nai. 

If you have ever dived either of these two great spots on Phi Phi island then you will not be disappointed with Phi Phi Shark Point either.
The Liveaboards of Phuket sometimes dive here on their way to Koh Haa, Hin Deang and Hin Muang.

Phi Phi dive sites are all great for doing PADI Courses:



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PP shark point is barely noticeably even when close up as it hardly breaks the surface even at low tide. Local captains who don’t have GPS have to be on their game to find it.

The dive site is heart-shaped and rises up in the middle dropping down to its deepest part on the edges of the reef.


I took a guy diving there a few years ago, he had not dived since a shark took half his leg off back in the late seventies, he is South African and when he was a young man he would go body boarding. 


One day while out boarding he was attacked by a shark, he was not sure what kind of shark, and he lost half his leg. Since that day, he had never been in the sea let alone dived again. 

All this information was kept from me until after the first dive and as I did not want to pry as to how he lost a leg I had no clue. During the surface interval and with a huge smile on his face he told me his story

On that dive we had seen six Leopard Sharks and the biggest Barracuda known to man -that Barracuda still sticks in my mind today; I swear it was like an alien ship mothership.

He said: ‘I was not sure how I would react to seeing sharks again, thank you for staying close to me.’

Titan Triggerfish - Liveaboards Phuket

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Meanwhile back on the dive site itself, it drops down to an absolute maximum depth of 25 metres at high tide, and there is an abundance of marine life: Barracudas, Trevallies and Tunas hunting looking for stray fish to attack. Octopus and cuttlefish are here too, keep your eyes peeled for the other cephalopods too, a crack team of highly efficient hunting Squid are never far away.

Morays Eels live here in abundance, triggerfish roam happily and rarely attack, that said just do not stray into their domain. Coral Banded Sea Snakes roam free, as there are many nooks and crannies to poke around.

Rarely will there be more than two boats there. If you are lucky enough to dive this spot, you will probably have it all to yourself. Unless you invite me, as I would definitely go, it’s great.

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