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Phuket Shark Point

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At a Glance:

•    Max depth: twenty-eight metres
•    Level of difficulty: Open water upwards.
•    Visibility: five / twenty metres
•    Current: weak to strong.
•    Special features: Can be strong currents excellent for drift dives.
•    Quick tip: keep in mind there is more than one pinnacle to discover.
•    Recommended season: All year round


Phuket Shark Point is easily one of the most loved dive sites in the entire country and is regularly visited both by day boats from Phuket and Phi Phi island.


Shark Point is popular for a day trip or as part of a Southern Liveaboard tour from Phuket.

Shark Point is easily recognised by the small beacon which sits on top of the protruding rocks yet it can be misleading, as it is a far bigger dive site than it actually looks. There are three main pinnacles to explore underwater and a couple more that rarely get dived at all.

This dive site is so large that you could dive it every day for a week and still find new things to see.

Phuket Shark Point marine life includes: Leopard sharks, sometimes referred to as Zebra Sharks which is due to their very distinct leopard stripes they have on their bodies when they are young, and as they get older these stripes turn to spots.

They have a very long tail fin, these sharks can be found sleeping during the day and if you are lucky enough to see one, it is best to approach slowly from head-on and never from overhead or from the rear as it will only spook them and they will swim away.

Out on the sand, you can find Blue Spotted Stingrays, many times I have spotted Squid here too as well as mating Cuttlefish, also look out for Mantis Shrimps scurrying about they are fascinating to watch.

Young Great Barracuda also patrol these waters they are easily recognised by the stripes on their tails. Phuket Shark Point is a favourite for macro hunters. There are lots of Pipefish hiding in the nooks and crevices and you can find Tiger Tail Seahorses here too.

There is a wide variety of Moray Eels here, White-eyed, Giant and Fimbriated Eels and even on the odd occasion you can spot Honeycomb Morays -I recently saw a couple of Snake Eels too. Shark point is a great place for the Search and Recovery and Fish ID courses.

Phuket Shark Point Map - Liveaboards Phuket

The King Cruiser and Anemone Reef dive sites are close by, and it is possible to dive at least two of these sites as well as Koh Doc Mai in one day.
This is fantastic for the Advanced and the Adventure courses it is also where many new Divemasters cut their teeth. Many dives from the PADI specialities list can be completed here too.

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