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Rocky Point (aka North Point)

North Point A.K.A. Rocky Point – Island 9

At a glance

•    Max depth: Seventy metres
•    Level of difficulty: Open water  
•    Visibility: Ten/forty metres
•    Current: Moderate to strong
•    Season: October / May

Rocky Point (aka North Point) can be found at the most northerly point of the Similans at the tip of Island number nine and in close to proximity to Christmas Point, Rocky Point is deep and an exciting dive with huge granite boulders scattered throughout.

There is a large red buoy at the start of the dive site which is very useful for descending and ascending the dive as the current can be quite strong here -so its best to use it.

These dive sites at the top of the Similans are popular with Liveaboards from Khao Lak and Phuket, the Day Boats also come here and it is a good place for certain Dive Education Courses such as:


The mooring line extends down to twenty-five metres where it meets the sandy bottom and it's here you are likely to find the usual bottom dwellers and divers favourite the Garden Eels and Blue Spotted Stingrays are here too and on occasions, I have seen Pipefish here particularly the Bent Stick pipefish. 

If the current is really ripping, which it can here, be careful not to stray too far from the large boulders, however, if the current is more favourable you can swim over the northern point pinnacle which does involve swimming in open water.

During the dive keep your eyes open for White Tip Reef Sharks and Leopard Sharks down on the bottom, they can be down forty metres or more.


As you reach the large rocks you will notice they are covered in coral formations there are also large Gorgonian Sea fans here too, these fans can get very old so please be careful while finning around here as they are easily damaged.

There is a rare fish that lives out here it’s called the Long-nosed Hawkfish. The pinnacle is a treasure trove of marine life and you can look forward to seeing so many different species here especially in macro life size.

This dive site gets real deep fast, so please keep your eyes on your gauges and dive within your own limits, speaking from experience if you go to deep here you can easily get lost from the group find yourself caught in a current heading in the wrong direction down.

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Longnose Hawkfish - Phuket Liveaboards

Rocky Point is a little like Elephant Head Rock, there are some narrow swim-through’s which have been created by the granite boulders moving over the years. Swimming through these narrow alleys you can find, if you look very closely,  Jens Pipefish which are usually hiding in a small cavernous area which is protected from the main current.

There is a large school of Goatfish they are quite inquisitive and will come quite to divers. Out here I have seen, on several occasions, shark silhouettes out in the distance they were not White Tips or Black Tips and certainly not Leopard sharks as they were too big and moving quite differently my only conclusion was that they were Grey Reef Sharks.


Heading back into the shallows for the safety stop you will come across a large field of finger corals around this area you can spot a turtle or two.

I have seen Napoleon Wrasse here too and some seriously large Giant Morays and once I saw Manta here in less than ten metres of water, it’s always to look up every now and then as you never who or what is watching you too.


There is a spectacular amount of fish to find here, species include Emperor and Blue-ringed Angle fish, Titan Triggerfish and Red Toothed Triggerfish, Coral Banded Sea Snakes, large Trevallies, Butterflyfish Trumpet Fish and Sweetlips to name a few.

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Long Nose Hawkfish - Clark Anderson/Aquaimages