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At a glance:

•    Max depth:  18 metres
•    Level of difficulty: Absolute beginners
•    Visibility: 25 metres
•    Current: Mild
•    Special features: excellent visibility
•    Quick tip: Amazing underwater Elephants 
•    Recommended season:  All year round


Siam Bay is just a stone's throw from Bungalow Bay yet it's so much quieter the average depth is between 10 and 22 metres. Visibility is normally between 10 metres and 20 metres. Currents within the bay are normally mild.

There are several large rocks that guard the edge of the Island. Inside the bay, there are lots of hard corals such as table corals and Staghorn Corals to explore. In the middle of the bay at a depth of between eighteen metres and twenty metres out on the sand, there is an artificial reef.

Bizarrely this perhaps the only place in the world you can see a full-size Elephant underwater (actually there are two!). There is also an enormous Oyster Shell and a Temple. 


Other sites on Racha Yai:

Elephant Statues were chiselled out and sank in the middle of the bay, they are quite unique and make excellent models for your camera.  I would highly recommend that you bring your underwater camera; if you don’t have one you can buy disposables ones from most dive shops.

The gate is secured by a mythical sentinel and each statue is approximately eight to ten metres apart so you can easily see from one to the other.

On the way back to the reef look for the resident Garden Eels, Blue Spotted Stingrays and Gobies. There are also bend stick pipefish waving in the swell to be found in the sandy areas.

Back at the reef, you can see Turtles, Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Pufferfish, Anemonefish, Trigger Fish, Sea Snakes, Lion Fish, Scorpionfish and Nudibranch to name but a few. In the midwater, you can spot Yellow Fin Barracuda, Snappers and Fusiliers.

Peacock Mantis Shrimps run a wild here, and they just love to build their little caves amongst the sand hills.

Try to spot them, if you look around on the sand and see a small hole which is built up by small pieces of stone and old dead coral, look more closely and then you should see another little hole about half a metre away.


This is an easy and fun dive and an excellent training dive site because of the calm conditions excellent vis and sandy areas.


Siam Bay is a great place to train for diving; Compass Navigation is made all the more fun here, due to the fine flat bottom sandy areas. The visibility here tends to be even better than bungalow bay, which is due to the position of the bay, as it is refreshed every day by the turning tide, so the whole bay is left refreshed and revitalized.


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Mantis Shrimp Siam Bay - Liveaboards Phuket

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